Tuesday, September 1, 2009

strange days

Hi everyone!
The last few days have been really strange. Momma wasn't here. We got up really early a few days ago and went for a car ride. Momma got out of the car and then didn't get back in and Daddy left and we came back home. I got home and looked all over for Momma but she wasn't here. It was just us guys. Daddy was fun. He took us for walks and play times at Canine Country - but he didn't talk to me as much as Momma does and that was a bit strange. Gus & I did manage to pull Daddy onto his bottom one day while we were out for a walk. Not sure what he was doing but we just went with it. Then one day Daddy left and when he came home Momma was with him! It sure was good to see her! Then we all went to Canine Country & I got to chase the ball. It was fun. Life is fun!

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