Sunday, June 28, 2009


What a weekend! It's been fun! Yesterday we went to the country and I got to chase the ball! I LOVE to chase the ball! It's been so hot we haven't been able to do that lately so it was extra special fun! Here's a video of me & Gus as we were leaving the country.
It's so much fun riding in the car!
Since I'm posting videos - I thought I'd share one of me chasing the ball (this is from a month or so ago). This is when I've already been running for a while and Momma's trying to get me to slow down.

Today we went to the park and walked around and it was even cooler than yesterday morning and so we went to Starbuck's and sat outside in the shade and just chilled for a while.

Hope you all enjoyed the interview with Daddy - we have a surprise new guest interview coming up this week - I guess I should get busy with the questions. It's gonna be fun! Life is fun!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Guest Blog Thursday Interview - Daddy

Sometimes it's hard to get others to contribute to Guest Blog Thursday without a little help from me - so I decided to interview Daddy for today's post. Note that I reserve the right to make comments after the Guest has answered the questions - I just like to. Enjoy.

So, Daddy, tell us a little about yourself....

Well Little Man, I am the proud husband to your Mom and father to Gus and you

Where did you go to school?

Pattonville for high school and MIZZOU for college

(I don't know why I asked this - just though you humans might like to know)

What is your favorite food?


(I have to admit raw meat is pretty good! Good choice Daddy!)

What do you do to earn money to keep me & Gus in toys & treats?

I sell network security equipment to keep the bad guys out of computers

(it must be going ok 'cus Gus & I have a lot of toys & treats - I'm not complaining - I like it that way. Boo to the bad guys though)

Who is your favorite cartoon character?

Cartman from Southpark

(not sure why this answer isn't Sparky Doo - but each to his own)

Which cartoon character do you resemble the most?

Hopefully not Cartman from Southpark

(I think you're like Batman - 'cus you always have really cool gadgets)

How many pets have you & Mommy had before me & Gus?

We had 2 cats – Sydney and Alek and 1 Aussie - Hogan. We also had a lot of fish, but none of them really had names.

(CATS? - not so sure what I think about that)

So why did you & Mommy decide on us wonderful Australian Shepherds?

Because your Mom likes how huggable you are. And we think you have great personalities that makes us laugh.

(I have to admit, I am pretty huggable and I do have a great personality - good answer)

Please list all your nicknames for both me and Gus.

Well you go by a lot of names – Brisco, BCJJ, County, Little Man, Jr., Jr., Lightning and of course Brisco County Jr., Jr.

We sometimes call Gus – Gus Gus, Big Guy, Bubba, Chunky, Thunder (because, as you know, Gus likes to hear himself talk)

(yes, Gus does like to hear himself talk - but that usually works in my benefit)

What is your favorite thing about Gus?

When he rolls over for a belly rub and also when he demonstrates how smart he is by opening doors and untangling himself when he gets tied up on the leash

(Gus is - super smart & brave too! - he always opens doors for me if I'm too scared to do it - he's the best!)

What is your favorite thing about me?

Your unending desire to learn and have fun

(I am pretty fun)

If you could only pick one toy to play with me - what would it be?

Your ball because you love it so much

(did you mention the ball - let's GO!)

If you could be anything other than a human - what would you be & why?

An Aussie because of your love of life

(Us Aussie's are just the best! - but I am a little biased.)

Hope you all enjoyed the interview.

Life is Fun!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Ode to white stuff

Oh white stuff, white stuff
where did you go?
Now that it's hot
I miss you so.
Remember the good times
out in the yard
When you were everywhere and
we played so hard?
Oh the Joy! Oh the Fun!
Those were good times
and they had just begun!
What happened, my friend
where did you go?
Please come back
I miss you so!

Here are some pictures of me and Gus enjoying the white stuff. It makes me feel cooler just thinking of it. Oh the good times we had with white stuff. Life is fun!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Dad's Day!

Hi! I wanted to make sure and wish my Daddy a Happy Father's Day! I told him he could play with any toy he wanted since it's his special day. Gus even behaved in the car today and didn't whine on the way to the park as a special treat for Daddy. Gus will pretty much do anything for Daddy. I will too. We both think he's the awesomest! Hope all you other Daddy's out there are having a good day! Life is fun.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Guest Blog Thursday - Gus

Good Morning. Yes, the little one pestered me into this yet again. I don't know why I agree to this I don't have much to say. I like to nap. A lot. I don't like squirrels, bunnies, Gray Cat, or trucks. I also like food. A lot. Cuddles are good too. In the words of the annoying one (aka Brisco) I think my Daddy is the bestest. That is all.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


GOOOOODDD Morning Everyone!
It's raining again. But that's ok because I keep getting Kong's stuffed with different stuff! It can be a lot of work to get those treats out but it's always worth it 'cus it's always yummy! Life is fun no matter what the weather!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Play Date

Hi there!
What a day! I am really tired so I don't know how long this will be - hopefully not as long as the last blog.
We went to Canine Country this morning and I got to run after my ball over & over again - that was so much fun! Then I jumped over some agility jumps and through the hoop and Gus discovered a baby deer! It was so small - sure was quick though - it ran something fierce when we started barking at it. Then when we got home and I thought I'd be able to rest a bit, Momma started in on the brushing. I'm not such a big fan of the brush but I sure do like all the treats I get when it's happenin'. THEN - my bestest pal in the whole world (next to Gus because nobody can beat Gus) Phillip came over. He brought Bella & his Momma with him. We had so much fun! We played with bubbles and got in the pool - well I did no one else would and we played with toys and of course had our pictures taken. Like I said earlier I sure am tired - it's time for a nap. Momma said she'd add some of the pics - so enjoy! Life sure is fun!
Phillip likes all the toys.

This is all of us. Outside then inside.

Gus & Bella got tiredest first.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

kitties, squirrels & bunnies...oh my!

Well, Gus was supposed to do Guest Blog Thursday today. However that's not gonna happen.
Here's the story.

I'd say it all started last night. The air was thick with humidity, lightning was all around us. Rain was going to come down any minute. Gus & I were outside with Momma. She wanted us to do our nightly business before the rain came. Naturally, I got mine out of the way lickety split and ran in and got a treat from Daddy. Not sure why Gus doesn't do it this way as treats are great, but for whatever reason he doesn't and last night was no exception. He stayed outside watching, listening, waiting. You could feel the tension in the air. Although Gus was lying down he was still on edge. His nose was stuck between the pickets of the fence. He was watching, waiting, listening. Something was out there............maybe (Gus does this all the time so who knows if anything was actually out there). It was going to rain any second. Lightning was everywhere. Momma called Gus to come in. I could tell he didn't want to and prepared myself to not get a party time...... but Gus surprised us all and came in..... so Party time! We got frozen banana - sure was good. Let me explain "party time". This happens when we listen to Momma or Daddy right away when we are actually much more interested in something else. The actual treat varies but it's always really yummy!

The rain started shortly after we came in. Lots of lightning and thunder and the rain was really loud too. Happened all night long. Have to say all that noise doesn't allow for a good nights rest. Which is why it all went wrong today.

We were tired and Gus & I weren't sure if we were gonna get our morning walk. It was still raining but only a little bit at this time. But to our surprise Momma & Daddy got out our leashes and outside we went. Rain had stopped now but it sure was wet. I saw it first. Coming around the corner. Gray Kitty.

Gray Kitty doesn't have a home. But our neighbors feed her and she taunts us with her ability to roam freely and still find a meal when she chooses. Momma says our neighbors are good people and that Gus & I shouldn't bark at them - but they feed Gray Kitty - so it seems the term "good people" depends on where you stand as Gray Kitty is our enemy. Especially Gus' and because she's Gus' enemy - then she's mine too. Anyway, back to this morning. Gus saw Gray Kitty seconds after me. As we were on leash we couldn't dart after her and Momma & Daddy quickly distracted us with treats, well me anyway. Since I hadn't had anything to eat since last night I was quite hungry and much more interested in the treat. So I looked at Momma and gave her all my attention. She rewarded me with a treat and quite honestly I forgot all about Gray Kitty. Gus didn't. He pulled toward where Gray Kitty had disappeared around the other house because even though she was out of sight now - we could still smell her. This irritated Gus. He was so close to being able to chase her - yet still couldn't. He pulled against his leash some more. Daddy had to work hard to get his attention. So the walk started on a bad note. Gus & I were both pretty jazzed after that and it's really hard to not pull on the leash. Then came the semi truck.

We were walking our route and Gus had just marked the fire hydrant (I don't know why Gus does this but he likes to water a lot of things). We were approaching the corner and this big orange, noisy truck was just sitting there. Then a school bus arrived at the corner at the same time as us. Gus doesn't like school buses or large trucks although he's come to an acceptance of school buses since they come by several times a day almost every day. But large trucks, semi-trucks, he still doesn't like them. The noise gets him excited and a bit nervous. He doesn't lunge at them like he used to but he still doesn't like them. I asked him why once but he just shook his head and told me to be glad I've had a cushy life and haven't had to live on the streets. That's all he would say.

We walked past the semi truck and the bus moved on. Gus did not like all the noise. I picked up on his nervousness. We both wanted to get to the field. The golden retriever we walk by came out to say hi. She's harmless so she doesn't bother us. But I would like to cross the street and say hi back some day. I think she's impressed with my high step when I walk by. I bet she's a lot of fun. So we continued walking. The streets were noisy with the car tires on the wet pavement. We wanted to get to the field but Momma and Daddy didn't seem too impressed with our urgency as they kept turning around and walking slow at times. They say it's because they don't want us to pull on the leash but they just don't understand all the smells after it rains. All those smells are intoxicating. SO hard to behave because it's sooo exciting.

We made it to the field at last. And there they were. LOTS of squirrels all running around and playing games with each other. Just teasing me & Gus. Well we pretty much lost it at that point. It was so exciting. Gus really, really, really wanted to go after them and kept pulling and pulling and barked a few times. Daddy wasn't very happy with that. Even after the squirrels were out of sight we could still smell them. I know you humans can't smell like we can so I think that leads to some misunderstandings between us dogs and you humans. Daddy was pretty patient with Gus as he was misbehaving quite a lot. Me? I was a complete angel. Uh-oh. Momma says I can't say that because it's not true - but at least I wasn't misbehaving as much as Gus (is that ok to say Momma?). Then came the bunny.

Bunnies are even harder to resist as they run in all different directions but never out of sight! And they have such a bright white tail they are so easy to see - even for humans. Well we were really excited - who could blame us - and the rest of the walk pretty much went the same way. When you're already tired from the energy of the storm keeping us awake last night and then Gray Kitty, semi truck, squirrels and bunnies - it's so hard to be good.

Momma and Daddy weren't too happy with our behavior on the walk and Gus never likes it when Daddy isn't happy with him, so Gus refused to do the blog today. I tell Gus to look on the bright side, all this rain means there will be lots of worms in the yard and Gus is a great dead worm hunter, I bet he's the absolute best! Oh the joy of rolling in dead worms! Gus finds them and rolls on them then I get a turn then he gets a turn......what FUN! I am soo looking forward to it! Life is fun!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Welcome back Momma! She's been gone a few days and she came home yesterday. It was a little weird 'cause usually it's Daddy who's gone. But getting to spend some quality guy time with Daddy & Gus was pretty cool. Daddy took us for walks & rides every day. It was fun! But it's fun having Momma home too.
I also need to send out a welcome to my new cousin, Chloe. My Aunt Amy & Uncle Mike just adopted her and I wanted to say welcome to the family, Chloe - you sure are lucky! She's a puppy, Lhasa/Bichon mix and pretty darn cute - that's about all I know about her right now. I'll be interviewing her for Guest Blog Thursday sometime soon. I bet she's a lot of fun!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Guest Blog Thursday - Phillip

Happy Guest Blog Thursday!
If you've been reading this then you've heard of my friend Phillip. Well, since he's such a great guy I figured you should all get to know him a little bit better so I decided to interview him for Guest Blog Thursday. Phillips answers are in blue. I know you'll like him as much as I do.

First - your full name and breed (as the humans call us)?
Phillip Michael, Dachshund/Chihuahua mix

Age? 2

You're quite little - what's that like? Does your shortness (no offense)
pose any problems? what about positives because of your lack of height?
I find being small doesn't really make a difference. I can usually accomplish what I set out to do. And being pint size gets me lots of treats.
What is your most favorite thing to do? (you can list more than one -
I have LOTS of favorites!)
I love chasing birds. I know us Dachshund/Chihuahua's aren't really known as bird dogs, but one of these days. They are really fast, and now that you think about it being little does stink when you are chasing a bird.

What is your most favorite toy? (Again see above - I have LOTS of
favorites of these too!)
I LOVE this new toy my mom brought home. I get to chase the squirrel around and around. Boy that thing is quick! I could do that all day long. I think you have one of these toys too. (You're right I do have one and it is so much Fun!)

You have three sisters and one human sister plus a Momma, your Daddy is the
only other male around - what's it like living with so many girls?
Drama, Drama, Drama..No really the girls all melt over me so I have it made in the shade. But Dad doesn't buy my puppy eyes so much. He's a little tougher to melt.

Do you have a favorite treat? snack? food?
I will eat just about anything..literally, I almost ate a banana peel, but Mom made Dad take it away from me. I haven't tasted anything I haven't liked yet.

What do you think of this heat?
I don't mind. I am not outside too much in it. But I follow the sun beam around the house and relax in it. I don't have as much fur as you so I can handle a little more heat.

What do you find to be the most strange/confusing/interesting things about
Hmmm..These humans call me by so many different names that it is hard to keep them all straight. Come on now, my name is Phillip, is that so hard. It's not Bubba, Michael, or Bubby Snacks, Please. Also, why can't I just eat and roll in and play with whatever I want to outside. What is the big deal. I find something fun and I hear "Phil Michael". Oh well. (I'm with you there, man. Nothin' like finding a good, dead worm - 'cus they're not easy to find and as soon as you get to rollin' in it really good - then you hear your name being called. But I usually get a treat if I come right away so it's all good anyway.)

Do you like to chase birds & rabbits & squirrels?
All of the above, but birds mostly. I swear I will catch one someday.

If you could be anything but who you are what would that be?

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


It's sooo HOT! I don't like the heat. Heat makes me hot and I prefer to be comfortable. I like to lay on the tile floor when it gets hot - it's cooler than anywhere else in the house. When I'm outside I prefer the shade. Shade is less hot than in the sun. I try to tell Gus this but for some reason he seems to like to be in the sun. Whatever makes him happy, for me it's all shade and air conditioning! Of course if a ball is thrown into the sunshine I'll still go get it 'cause it's so much fun to chase the ball. Life is fun (even when it is hot)!