Thursday, August 27, 2009

Guest Blog Thursday - but not.... Other stuff instead

Sorry folks! Normally Thursday is Guest Blog day - but I'm a bit behind. Those girls in the last two interviews really tired me out! But I have an interview lined up for next week with a really cool GUY! So be sure to check it out.

In the meantime - I think I mentioned in the last post that I was expecting to get a new collar - well it arrived.

But the best part is it arrived with food too! YUM!

Momma said I should also take this opportunity to mention a few dogs in need. Sadly there are dogs out there that don't get this yummy food or have people to care enough about them to put a collar on them and that's just not right. So here are some ways to help if you can.

On September 13, 2009 - The St. Charles Humane Society will have an event at Frontier Park called Trails for Tails - here are the details
(Peaches, Chewee & Oreo might want to consider entering the best dressed contest)

On September 27th are the Canine Games at Purina Farms. Gus & I went last year with Miss Trina & Phillip & it was lots of fun! There are all kinds of games dogs can play! You can find out more info here
(Rebel - you might like to look at this as it's hosted by the local Samoyed club).

Of course near and dear to Momma & Daddy's & mine & Gus' hearts are the Aussie rescue sites. - ARPH- this is where Gus came from.

and locally

Also there's one other shelter that isn't local but Momma follows her on Twitter and this woman does lots & lots to help dogs and is amazing at all that she achieves (as are all those that foster and work in rescue). Here's her website
and you'll see in the upper left corner "Help A Place to Bark win $10k" - click there then follow the link to a contest and vote for A Place to Bark as well as other shelters listed above or ones that are near & dear to your hearts.

Oh - one more thing that I think is pretty funny - here's a pic of me watching a youtube video of Phillip & Heidi playing with Squirrel on a Stick! Life is fun!

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