Thursday, August 6, 2009

Guest Blog Thursday - Peaches!

Hi everyone - it's Guest Blog Thursday and today we're interviewing Peaches! She's a fluffy little thing and quite sassy! Peacheses Mom sent along some pics too. As usual the questions are in black, Peacheses answers are in blue and my comments are in red! Enjoy!

First - your full name and breed (as the humans call us)? Peaches Strini & I'm a Shih Tzu (I promise it's not a dirty word) (you're so cute - I think I have a new crush!)

Age? In 5 days I will be 10 months old. (you sure are young - is that why you're so little? Happy Birthday - I hope you get lots of presents)

Nicknames? Peachy Peach, The Peach, Pumpkin Bread (my mommy likes food)

What is your most favorite toy? My Minnie Mouse from Disney. I carry her around everywhere and lick her. She's beautiful. (is that a stuffy? stuffies are the best - don't ya just love tearing out the insides?!)

What is you most favorite treat/food/snack? I am not really into treats - I know shocker - right? But I do like Iams Puppy Treats - people food is gross. (ok - maybe I spoke a little too early about that crush - not into treats ?!? and did you say "people food is gross"??? I am totally confused - have you ever tried it? maybe your Momma doesn't prepare it right - 'cus people food is amazingly delicious!)

Regarding humans and your people what do you find to be the most interesting thing about them? I like their hands and they way they pet me. I go to all of them because I'm sure they all want to pet me as soon as they see my lovely coat flowing in the wind. (
Yes, petting is good - but not over the head - I don't like that. You must be brave to go up to all the humans - the stranger ones make me nervous)

What amuses you most about them? Hmmm that's a tough one. I think it's how I can control them by rolling over and showing them my belly. (is that what Gus is dong?!?!? makes much more sense now - you're pretty smart - just like Gus)

You're quite little - what's that like? Does your shortness (no offense)

pose any problems? what about positives because of your lack of height? I am short, but also light - so people love to pick me up and cuddle me and it's a plus to be able to fit into small spaces and run from mom and she can't get that low to find me. (that's pretty good one - I'm too big to hide)

What is your most favorite thing to do? (you can list more than one - I have LOTS of favorites!) I like to play with Minnie. I love to go for walks, especially when Mommy takes me past all on the shops on the way home and the people come out to pet me. I love to lay on the tile floor because it's cold on my belly. But what I love most is sitting right on mommy's lap when she's watching TV. (laying on the tile floor is the BEST - I love to do that too! - I think my crush may be starting to come back)

I have seen lots of pictures of you with bows in your fur. What do you think of that? I think I'm hot - duh! (but don't you lay on the tile floor to NOT be hot? girls are so confusing!)

I also see from your pictures that you are quite fluffy and pretty, like me. Do people like to stare at you and your prettyness? And how do you feel when they do that? I welcome it - because first they stare and then they feel the need to have to touch me and the next thing you know I'm getting attention and petting all around. (I see you like to be petted and admired by pretty much anybody - are there no limitations? strangers are scary)

What kind of things do you and your Momma do together? Well like I said, we go on walks, and sit on the deck - I usually enjoy the breeze while she reads and well let's face it - I'm a lap dog - so I love being in her lap (I know some of these questions seem the same but sometimes a favorite isn't what you get to do all the time - sometimes you have to do non fun things - like baths. Momma says I'm too big to sit on her lap - but sometimes I do it anyway - 'cus I like it too)

Dad says that you are probably carried around in a special Coach purse. Are you? I am not - but I do have a special harness for the car so that I don't go through the windshield. What does Coach mean? If you have to ask, then I can't help you. (Huh??)

Who is your favorite cartoon character? I'll have to go with Smurfette - because she's got pretty hair like me.

Thanks, Peaches for answering all my questions! Even though you're a bit confusing I bet you're lots of fun! Life is fun!

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