Monday, August 10, 2009

Pool fun!

So yesterday I was telling you how hot it was - 'cus it was HOT! And I wondered, when Daddy got home, if he'd pool out the pool. Do you remember that ? Well he DID and it was lots of fun! I got to bob for treats over and over again 'cus Momma said she was trying to get a good pic "in focus" whatever that means. Daddy made sure and set the pool in the shade 'cus he knows I'm not up for much sun. Gus wouldn't come in - not even for treats. Although he did stick his nose in a bit to get a Cool Treat. Yep - We got one of those too! It was Awesome!

Here's me in the pool. Yeah - it's little but it's all I need!

This is as close as Gus gets to the water. Except the one time he did grab the Cool Treat. I tell him it's really comfy but he won't come in. Don't know why.

Here's me bobbin' for treats. So much fun & yummy too!

This is me after I lift my head from gettin' the treats. Momma says it was a good thing we were outside 'cus water got everywhere!

Here I am all nice & cool. You can see Gus panting in the background but not me! I was nice & comfy!

Momma thinks it's silly that I'm not smiling much in the pics - but I told her it's serious business being hot and then going after the treats in the water and I told her I did have fun. Life is Fun!

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