Tuesday, August 4, 2009


It's Gus' Birthday! Yeah! It's Gus' Birthday and we're gonna have some fu-u-nnn!

Well, we don't actually know the date of Gus' birthday - but Momma & Daddy celebrate it today 'cus this is the day that Gus joined the family. In case you don't know the story, here it is. Momma & Daddy lost their first Aussie, Hogan, unexpectedly (he was 10). They wanted to get another dog and they decided to get a rescue. Although they checked out Aussie Rescue of St. Louis (www.aussierescuestlouis.com), they also looked at ARPH (Aussie Rescue & Placement Helpline - www.aussierescue.org) and there was Gus! Big white eyes and Happy Gus Gus face! He was discovered wandering around Ft. Riley, Kansas with no info. He was at a shelter with only 48 hours left when ARPH found him (no one will tell me what this means but I guess it's a bad thing). His Foster Mom, Michelle (she's pretty cool - she has three Aussie's of her own and still does fostering - what a big heart!), said she looks for Aussie's online, like Petfinder.com, and she saw Gus listed there and couldn't resist those eyes - so she saved him (thanks, again). She & Gus were all the way in Kansas but she said she'd meet Momma & Daddy in Kansas City and so off they went to KC. When Gus & Daddy met, they bonded immediately. Gus actually jumped right into the car and laid down next to Daddy as if that was where he belonged and now it is. The end!

Well - it's not really the end 'cus the story continues when they got me! Oh - Momma says that's a story for another day. The actual hero of the story is Michelle and all those Foster Mom's & Dad's out there. They do such a lot of work and have such big hearts - where would all the dogs like Gus be without them? I think they all deserve a big high-five from us pups and I'll even share my treats with them!

OK - I'm gonna go help Gus celebrate - this should be so much fun! Life is FUN! OH! Here are some pics of Gus - he sure is a handsome fella!

This is before I joined the family and Gus didn't have to share his toys yet. He sure looks happy!

Still before I joined the family. This is out at Purina Farms at the Canine Games (I got to go last year & hopefully we'll go again this year). It's a fund raising event for the local Samoyed Club & Samoyed Rescue group and it's lots of fun!

Gus being silly in the white stuff - we were playing. (oh how I miss the white stuff-look back at my "Ode to White Stuff" post)

Gus likes to have his belly rubbed - A LOT! He does this ALL the time!

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