Thursday, August 13, 2009

Guest Blog Thursday - Chewee & Oreo

Well, apparently there was a bit of an uproar over my interview with Peaches last week and since I don't ever want to offend anyone I'm interviewing Peacheses friends Chewee & Oreo this week. Their Momma also provided some photos.
Same as always - Questions in black, answers in blue & my responses in red.

First - your full names and breed (as the humans call us)?
Chewee O'Brien and Oreo O'Brien Shi Tzu's



You two have some interesting names - how'd they come about?
Chewee is because even though I am little I could chew through gates as a puppy, and Oreo was to be named Cookie until Brendan's best friend told us she looked like an Oreo Cookie........Aunt Debbie still calls me Cookie (Cookie is a good name - I like cookies)


Chewee will be 14 October 10th !! Oreo was 1 on March 24th (wow - Chewee you HAVE been around awhile - should I speak UP? Oreo - your birthday is my Momma & Daddy's anniversary day - I'll always remember!)


Chewee- Chew Chew, Chew Boogie Oreo - Pretty perfect princess, Pretty Puppy, OR O (Brady calls me that)

(Chewee - Does it bother you that Oreo is called "pretty" ?)

What is your most favorite toy?

Chewee - The football I picked out for my 1st birthday at Pets Mart.....yes I still have it, I roll on it now OREO - my bear, that is tiny and just for me, but I have a whole basket of toys that I scatter all over the house.
(Oreo - I like to scatter toys around the house, too. That way there is always one handy when needed! Except my Momma walks around pickin' them up - does your Momma do that? & Chewee it sounds like your toy is extra special - Gus has one of those, too)

What is you most favorite treat/food/snack?


(cheese is pretty good - I do like me some cheese)

Regarding humans and your people what do you find to be

the most interesting thing about them? That when I bark and look up with my big brown eyes, they do whatever I want. (hmmm - you seem to have an interesting ability with humans -me & gus don't like it when they look us in the eyes - maybe if were littler like you it would be different)

What amuses you most about them?

That when I bark with my big brown eyes, they do whatever I want. (Will you teach me your secret?)

You girls have three human brothers. What do you like best about them ?

They love us! (good human love is nice)

Little Humans are quite different than the grown up ones - do the little ones do funny stuff? or are they more fun than the big ones?

Oreo likes when Patrick lays on the couch every morning and rubs her belly, Brady likes to do silly things like put hats on her, but I snip at Brady sometimes. Chewee doesn’t play much anymore but always goes to Brendan’s room to bark and wake him up.

(I can't blame you for snipping if they're putting hats on you - that's just not right. A pup has her pride)

Do you girls have to wear bows in your hair like Peaches? If so what do you think about that? (It's something I'm not quite grasping)

Peaches got her hair tips from us !!! She had hair envy for a really long time. Chewee does shorter hair now, she will be 98 soon, and Oreo just got her pony trimmed down due to playing in the river too much.....(more hair issues that I just don't understand)

You two are quite little - what's that like? Does your shortness (no offense)
pose any problems? what about positives because of your lack of height? Do humans ever step on you because of your littleness?
The only problem is that in Chewee's old age she cannot jump on the bed anymore, but that’s ok because someone will always lift her up, she used to be able to though. Oreo has never been able to jump on the bed, too tiny. Our family loves to snuggle us and we don’t shed…….big plus. (I don't have a problem with the shedding but sometimes my Momma asks me if I want it back - she can be a bit crazy like that. I can jump on the bed - but I'm not supposed to - only if invited. Must be nice to be picked up and placed places - I'm too big for that. I'm starting to wonder if shorter is better? hmm - but then again - I wouldn't want a stranger to pick me up - I'd have to bite them - which would get me in trouble so I should stay the size I am)

What are your most favorite things to do? (you can list more than one -I have LOTS of favorites!)

Sleep, play with all of our toys and go to the river house. And EAT CHEESE !! Oreo loves to sit at the breakfast bar and catch what drops. (all those are really good favorites)

What kinds of things do you and your Momma/brothers/family members do together?

Mostly Chewee likes to stay home in the AC now days, Oreo likes to go on walks and she goes to a lot of baseball and soccer games. She doesn’t care too much for basketball season because she has to stay home. And we both like to go to the river !! (You've mentioned the river a couple times - I've only been in one once - but Daddy says that was creek. You two must be brave to go into the river & it must be so much fun!)

Chewee, you’ve been around a while - any lessons learned you'd like to share?

Love your family, and eat lots of cheese…….the vet says no table scraps but I am almost 14 and look at me !! Oh, but never get in the trash and get chicken bones…..did that a couple years ago, not good. (Good advice, except that vet part - I don't agree. I'll have to remember that about the chicken bones - problem is - chicken smells so good)

Who are your favorite cartoon characters?

We are in to wrestlers at the moment my brothers like them so we do too, Oreo occasionally chews off an arm or too and doesn’t make her brothers very happy. (I don't know what wrestlers are - but if they're chewable they must be fun!)

Thanks Chewee & Oreo for the interview. Chewee, Daddy says your Momma said you had to have a surgery - I hope you don't have to wear one of those cone thingy's those aren't much fun. We all hope you're recovering quickly and feeling good.

You two are some interesting girls even though I don't understand about the bows. I think I may need to interview a guy next week 'cus these girls are confusing! But you are fun! Life is fun!

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